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Paper Minecraft v11.3

Paper Minecraft v11.3 is a game developed by Minecraft. It is a perfect game for architects to train as it provides a vigorous place for any creativity. You can now create the world fully based on your dreams by crafting the rocks in the shape you want. Also, you can get precious rewards while digging the stones. Simply destroy blocks to mine and accumulate materials. You can to apply them to craft tools and form the structures of the dream. However, keep a watch on bloodthirsty critters wandering around everywhere.

Select items, mine/place blocks by 1 to 9 keys.
Walk/Swim/Jump by WASD keys.
Open/Close Inventory by E key.
Open/Close a chest, craft table, furnace/door by the E key + hover.
Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging by Spacebar key.
Eat food by F key.
Label a sign/chest by N key.
Drop item by Q key.